With the content written especially for ABC by an expert barrister practising in the fields of GDPR and Regulatory Law, incorporating our extensive Chambers experience and by listening to feedback from long-standing clients who are themselves, industry leaders, we have been able to design the content, and set the price, to reflect the needs of barristers, Chambers and Chambers’ support staff.

Advantages of the ABC GDPR training modules include:

  • Completely Chambers specific
  • Designed with the busy barrister in mind – the course can be left, re-joined and completed via multiple devices, at the delegate’s convenience
  • Suitable for new learners or those looking for annual refresher training
  • Cost-effective and transparent pricing policy
  • User friendly – created using a leading online education platform
  • Easy to Manage:
    • Chambers can take advantage of multiple licence discounts
    • Chambers’ nominated Group Manager can allocate licences directly
    • Chambers’ nominated Group Manager can view and run reports as to barrister & staff training progress
  • Detailed overview of the GDPR as it applies to barristers and Chambers
  • Chambers specific reference material available within the Bar module
  • A thorough appraisal of GDPR awareness & training with a certificate on attaining the necessary pass level


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