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Our hugely successful partnership with BlueGreen Business Development continues to provide and further develop its exciting series of workshops for Chambers.

Don and BillBill, alongside Don Turner, an experienced and highly skilled trainer and business coach, joined together to form PME – Practice Management Excellence. With Bill’s experience and Don’s strategic managerial business experience, his qualified credibility and passion for people development they are a unique duo that has become Chambers first choice for specialised business development support.

PME logoPME is a bespoke and tailor made course specifically designed to help Clerks, Managers and all levels of support staff develop and enhance their skills in the areas of managing members’ practices, client care and business development as well as assist in interpersonal relationships. These valuable workshops are designed to be enjoyable as well as informative and rewarding. All training is conducted to CIPD standards. Please visit the dedicated PME website for information on course content and further details.

Largely through popular demand, PME developed a unique four step course for Member’s of the Bar which runs as an in-house programme in sets of Chambers. For more information please click here.


For all details of content on our six part workshops and how to book please visit our dedicated PME Training website.

2018 Training dates:

Developing New and Existing Business – 28th February, 27th June and 12th September
Maximising Business Relationships – 27th February, 15th March, 10th July and 26th September
Effective Practice Development Meetings – 14th March, 26th April, 19th September and 10th October
Advanced Negotiation Skills – 25th April, 16th May, 11th October and 14th November
Professional Networking Skills – 15th May, 13th June, 15th November and 5th December
Managing People for Success – 14th June, 11th July, 6th December and 22nd January 2019