ABC is the sole representative of Briefed in England and Wales for their bespoke and innovative GDPR compliance solutions for Barristers’ Chambers.

Written especially for Members of the Bar, all Chambers’ support staff and the entity of Chambers itself by barrister and legal technologist Orlagh Kelly.

  • For more than five years Briefed has specialised in data protection compliance, providing organisations throughout the UK with the framework they need to ensure they are data protection compliant, under the new GDPR guidelines of May 2018.

  • Using their unique combination of legal, technological and real-world ‘know-how’, they help Chambers and businesses fulfil their data protection obligations through training, both on-line and in-house, consultancy services and data protection certification.

  • First and foremost, GDPR is legislation and understanding how to implement legislation requires legal expertise. Created by a barrister, the aim of the Briefed portfolio of training and compliance products, is to ensure that each individual within Chambers genuinely understands how the new legislation impacts upon them and their role and what they need to do in order to help Chambers stay compliant.

  • Briefed is well versed in GDPR case law, with an in-depth knowledge of how the Information Commissioner’s Office handle their investigations. Not only do they understand the legal positioning of GDPR but they understand how it is interpreted and what that means for Chambers. They can advise and walk through all aspects of your compliance journey, enabling you to feel confident and secure in the knowledge that your set is GDPR compliant.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Briefed Data Compliance Bundles for Chambers, please contact Bill Conner or one of the ABC Team.

The Briefed website can be found here for further information about the Briefed products for Chambers. To request a copy of Briefed’s free GDPR Guide for Barristers Chambers, please contact us here.