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First barrister fined for a Data Protection breach. Make sure that one of yours is not next.

This is a major threat to every set of Chambers in the country. The implications of one individual’s data protection breach on your set (and you!) could be catastrophic. The fine to the individual can be colossal and the effect of the resulting publicity would be damaging to the whole of Chambers reputation and other Members practices, with the loss of all Government or Local Authority work a real possibility.

Think it can’t happen to you? Think again.
Something as simple as one of your Members inadvertently putting a document in his/her rubbish bin at home can result in a fine if you are not aware of how to protect yourself from a Data Protection Breach.

Then why not go paperless?
In the last few weeks, a barrister whose husband inadvertently saved her work files on an on-line server was prosecuted and fined. The list of data breach risks is endless: Chambers/domestic burglaries, mobile phone and laptop thefts, reading case files on trains……and we all know stories about barristers leaving papers/dvd’s on trains and buses – or the car roof!

Think a Chambers Data Protection policy is enough to protect you?
 It isn’t!

 The more we have looked into this, the scarier it gets. BUT, there is a way to help protect Chambers as well as sleep easier! ABC is the sole agent for the “Briefed” Data Protection Compliance solution and will be in touch with your set shortly to explain how we can help and to discuss package options, but if you wish to contact us in the meantime please call or e-mail Bill here.

Residential course for Senior Chambers Managers…

Residential course

If you are a Senior Chambers Manager, join your peers this summer for our 4-day residential course being held from Monday 3rd July. This is the only residential course that has been written especially for Senior Managers working in Chambers. We guarantee it will give you new ideas and inspiration on handling your substantial responsibilities.

Further details about the course, cost and content are available here


Raise your clubs to raise some money…

ABC Chambers Solutions Charitable Trust are delighted to be holding our Annual Charity Golf Day on Monday 12th June at Bishop’s Stortford Golf Club. All proceeds go to the London Legal Support Trust and the Bar Pro Bono Unit. High handicappers and scratch golfers alike will be able to enjoy the day!
Teams usually consist of Chambers’ Staff, Barristers or Solicitor guests. Spaces are limited and are going fast, so please get in touch as soon as possible.

Download our event flyer here.

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