PME have developed a unique four step course to deliver maximum effect and content integrity for Members’ of the Bar.

Our aim, through using unrivalled experience, is to help alleviate the stress and worry that naturally occurs when building a practice. We can motivate and encourage Members of the Bar, equipping them to build a successful practice.

The course has been developed by working with Barristers, Practice Managers and Chambers’ CEOs bringing you the direction and motivation needed to compete in the modern world. It will also assist you in helping your Practice Managers to promote your services more effectively.

All training is conducted to CIPD standards. We currently deliver this in-house for Members of Chambers.

Brochures detailing our bespoke courses for members of The Bar are available for download:

Coaching Brochure for Members of The Bar
Training Brochure for Members of The Bar

For information on how to book please visit our dedicated PME Training website.