Our practice management training programme is where strategic thinking, innovation and cost effectiveness comes together to give you a bespoke solution for developing modern practice managers.

These popular interactive sessions provide a unique opportunity for Practice Managers and support staff, at all management levels, to obtain training specifically designed to be of maximum benefit for those working in Chambers. Past delegates are not only leaving great testimonials but also reporting that the training is being applied back in Chambers immediately with very positive outcomes.

Please see the short videos below for information on a selection PME’s 2021 training and coaching sessions:

Evolution of the Bar Clerk

This short video examines the rationale behind the construction of the full-range, of PME courses.  It explains how the courses have been built on solid, detailed research into the life of a Bar Clerk and the personal development needs required throughout a Clerks’ career.

Five good reasons why one to one management development could be for you

In this video we discuss the reasons why one-to-one development can be the best, and most cost effective, professional development solution for Bar Clerks at all levels.

Why Chambers Should Consider Investing in a Staff Development Programme

Commonly, chambers management find it difficult to agree on training budgets and build training plans for their staff. In this short video we explain why training is necessary for chambers management and what you can gain from it.  We also offer practice tools to help you build a budget and show your chamber’s a return on their investment.


Until the end of current COVID-19 restrictions, all PME open courses will be delivered remotely. Please see the course details and dates below.

The PME Practice Management Training programme has been built from detailed industry research and feedback from people working in Chambers’ Practice Management.

Starter Clerk

1. The Clerks’ role in the context of a barristers’ Chambers 
10th May
2. The importance of excellent customer service and working effectively as a part of a team 
7th June

Junior Clerk:

1.Professional collaborative negotiation skills 
8th June
2. Developing business for your Chambers
7th July


1a. Effective management of staff and members’ practices
13th May
1b. Maximising business relationships 
10th June
2a. Building a business development plan for results 
20th April & 15th June
2b. Pitching and presenting for new business 
11th May & 1st July

Building a business development plan for results
20th April

Senior Management:
1. Business development for modern chambers’ management
2. Managing the challenges of chambers’ unique business structure
3. Professional mentoring and coaching 

6th July


For those at Junior Clerk or career entry level, we can also provide on-site training to include: telephone training, a guide to the Court system, Court etiquette, post and DX, preparing bundles and printing, good email practice, assisting barristers, locating and transferring case papers, confidentiality, Court runs, legal terminology and client care.

Strategic Business Development for Chambers Senior Management

4-Day Residential Course for Chambers Senior Management

Your chance to attend an industry leading training programme with your peers. Our PME training course has become the industry’s leading development programme. We have now developed this bespoke course specifically for Senior Chambers Directors and Managers, focussing on strategic business development and leadership.

Our residential course is designed to be engaging and supportive for those who would like to explore options on how to develop their chambers for future challenges.

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