ABC has been helping our Chambers clients comply with their GDPR obligations and training since 2017.  Since then we have expanded our portfolio to include the major topics of particular concern to barristers and sets of Chambers.

Written by barristers with particular expertise on the topic in question and practising in that area of law, specifically for barristers and Chambers support staff.

Key features of our industry-specific training:

  • Completely Chambers specific
  • Designed with the busy barrister in mind – the courses can be left, re-joined and completed via multiple devices, at the delegate’s convenience
  • User friendly – presented on a leading online education platform
  • Unbeatable quality and value for money
  • Easy for Chambers to manage
  • Suitable for new learners or those looking for annual refresher training
  • On demand and available 24/7

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For prices, further information, a meeting or a demo or to find out more about our new Training Partnership for Chambers initiative
please e-mail Bill or Sarah on [email protected]

Our extensive VideoTile Learning library

ABC have partnered with VideoTile Learning, an industry-leading e-learning and online production company, to bring you a huge range of additional online courses. With VideoTile we offer a suite of over 100 courses to choose from, ranging from Manual Handling and Fire Marshall courses through to business courses including “Anti-Bribery and Corruption” and “Supervising Mental Health in the Workplace”

VideoTile come from a film background and create interactive video-based online training courses as well as promotional films for businesses. Their courses are not fixed videos but are resources which are updated every quarter in line with legislation. They are all approved and accredited by various organisations, and some are mapped against certain OFQUAL regulated qualifications.

Contact Bill or Sarah who can arrange to set up your Chambers with an ABC business account that will give you access to the courses which you can purchase through your account. ABC’s clients will receive generous discounts from the listed prices, which are already extremely competitive. Our partnership with VideoTile compliments our objective to provide our Chambers clients with the best training available at the best prices possible. Find out more at [email protected]

Supervising Mental Health at Work

This course will look at supervising stress and mental health at work and show you how to create a good mental health culture in your workplace.

Approved by CPD & IIRSM - Duration 25 mins* - £35.00

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

This course examines bribery and the legislation, measures and procedures that can uncover, control and reduce the impact of this criminal activity. This information is broken down into the following sections; Why corruption and bribery occur, The UK Bribery Act, Anti-bribery policies, anti-bribery management systems and how to deal with bribery in the workplace.

Approved by Institute of Hospitality & CPD - Duration 50 mins* - £35.00

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

This course will start by defining sexual harassment and explaining how protection comes from both employment law and criminal law. You'll see from workplace statistics how widespread and serious the problem is, and how the management response to concerns raised is often poor or non-existent. It also addresses how allegations should be handled, explains the importance of having clear and robust policies and the role line managers tend to take when it comes to dealing with these situations.

Approved by CPD - Duration 55 mins* - £35.00

Managing Meetings

The course starts with some basic definitions and statistics that outline how important running meetings effectively can be. It examines factors that make meetings great, and some practical steps you can take to ensure everything runs smoothly and successful outcomes are achieved. It also covers some of the ways you can handle any problems that may arise. Finally, it looks at different decision-making approaches you can use and finishes off with some notes on keeping a learning log to help you learn and grow, ultimately becoming a more confident and effective participant or chairperson.

Approved by CPD - Duration 60 mins* - £35.00

Project Management

This course covers the basic principles of project management and covers some of the tools and techniques you can employ to improve your project management skills.

Approved by CPD - Duration 90 mins* - £35.00

Effective Delegation

This course will start with the essentials - defining exactly what we mean by delegation and why it's so important. It then goes into details about the elements of delegation, overcoming the barriers to delegation, how you can choose which tasks to delegate and who to, the process of delegation and much more.

Approved by CPD - Duration 110 mins* - £35.00

Basic Fire Safety Awareness

This course explains, in brief, why fires occur and what actions you must take to help prevent them starting and the actions you must take when they do. By completing this course you will be making your workplace a safer environment.

Approved by IOSH, Institute of Hospitality, IIRSM, Gatehouse Awards, CPD & IFE - Duration 60 mins* - £25.00

Leadership Skills

A leader doesn't necessarily have to be a 'manager', but it's difficult to see how a manager could be truly effective without having at least some leadership skills. This course will introduce you to some of the import techniques and theories that can help you to improve your leadership skills and be more effective in your role.

Approved by CPD & ILM - Duration 90 mins* - £35.00

Manual Handling

This course outlines exactly what constitutes manual handling and covers the regulations and legislation that apply to manual handling tasks. It then goes on to cover safe handling techniques and how to develop good habits in relation to manual handling. It finishes off by introducing some practical solutions and the use of mechanical aids. Important note: Please note that this is an awareness course only, if your duties include manual handling you will also need further practical training, you can get in touch with us to arrange this.

Approved by IOSH, IIRSM & CPD - Duration 75 mins* - £35.00

Managing Sickness and Absence

This course will help you to understand the different types of absence and Identify ways of measuring absence. It covers why you should complete return-to-work forms and how to conduct effective return-to-work meetings. The course finishes off by explaining the formal processes involved in managing absence and how to apply appropriate policies.

Approved by CPD - Duration 30 mins* - £35.00