What is a Barrister’s Clerk?

ABC Chambers Solutions sources and places Barristers’ Clerks of all levels in suitable roles throughout London and the UK.

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What is a Barristers’ Clerk?

The role of a Barristers’ Clerk is certainly a demanding one and crucial to the smooth-running of chambers.

Clerks are typically required to manage the practice’s diary, which involves:

  • scheduling meetings
  • arranging transportation of files and papers to and from the court
  • negotiating fees on behalf on their barristers
  • be involved in the ongoing marketing development of the business
  • ensuring all activities are adhering to current compliance standards.
Depending on the level at which they are working, clerks will be required to:

  • suggest barristers for particular cases according to their set practice area(s)
    fix cases
  • manage barristers’ practices from pupillage to silk and /or judicial appointment
  • oversee the chambers’ administrative systems to ensure information is kept up to date and in line with best practice
  • Barristers’ Clerks are sometimes referred to as Practice Assistants or Assistant Practice Managers, depending on the level of responsibility they are required to undertake.

The average Barristers’ Clerk salary varies slightly from practice to practice. Starter and Junior Barristers’ Clerks can expect to earn anything from around the London (and National) Living Wage, while Senior Clerks, working for some of the country’s top barristers, can attract an enviably high salary.

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